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General first post:

I'm 15 (and new here). I've been cutting for three years. I'm from NW Indiana. I joined because I hate talking about my problems to anyone who knows me well or who I have to look at every day. Does anyone else every notice that it's so much easier to spill your heart onto a stranger than it is to someone you know? Is it because we don't want to burden the ones we love with our deeper selves or because we're embarrassed? Maybe that's just me.
I've read through here and I think this is a beautiful community. Beauty doesn't have to be sunlight raining on shining faces or unicorns dancing over unseen flowers. I always thought that any type of emotion expressed was beautiful, from happiness to sorrow to anger. I'm in love with people who can feel and who can feel strongly.

Sometimes I want to scream so I knock stars from the sky.
What a sight it would be, eh?
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